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Comfit Tights

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Stay Warmer This Winter!!!!!!

Lined with ultra-soft fleece with seamless cutting to keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather. The premium quality soft fleece is cozy to wear and has excellent thermal retention ability. Give you solid coverage from the stomach to toes to fend off any cold.

Get more bold and confident wearing your favorite dress or skirt without fretting about winter.

Fully lined with real warm high content fleece, our winter leggings trap heat for ultimate thermal protection with the heavenly soft touch of deluxe comfort and show your exquisite fashion sense.


Ever had to choose warmth over style? That was the last time. Let Comfit keep you super cozy. Its super soft warm design will have you wearing your favorite skirts, shorts, and dresses comfortably in the cold. Choose nude and people will hardly notice them. And Black for classier upscale looks.

✔️ Keep You Warm And Cozy

✔️ Great For Layering Dress

✔️ Elastic Tights For Enhanced Comfort

✔️ Keeps You In Great Shape

✔️ Perfect For Both Indoor and Outdoor use


Comfit are designed with mid-thigh support for superior sculpting and smoothing at the waist and thighs.

THERMAL FLEECE LAYER: Comfits are lined with fleece on the inside for an extra soft and warm experience. They will offer you solid coverage from toe to torso, thick enough to warm you in cold weather.

COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: Comfits are a lovely combination of cotton and fleece. You can wear these for an extended period without notice. The smooth fabric won't cling to your cloth and isn't prone to pilling.

HIGHLY ELASTIC: Comfits are 360° elastic to offer perfect wear. These stretchable tights hug your legs with perfect fit and won't sag or bunch up. Ensuring comfort and style with no worries of slipping down.